GNOME needs a RAID administration tool. It should be easy to use and support almost everything you can do with the command line client mdadm(1). It should probably use mdadm(1) as a backend.


  • Machine w/ two (four?) extra physical disks
  • Developers need write access to the devices (or just setuid mdadm?)
  • Revision control: Darcs?
  • Python, GNOME, mdadm
  • Done in 2005?

Test cases

The application should support the following use cases:

  • Set up a two disk RAID-1
  • Set up a two disk RAID-1 with a spare disk
  • Set up a two disk RAID-0
  • Set up a N disk RAID-5 with a spare disk
  • Remove a disk from ...

(Move disks, handle errors etc)


  • Support all test cases.
  • Enter GNOME by 2007? :)
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